Composite Slate and Shake Roofing Systems

Thanks to our engineering and materials our time tested roofing system is superior to all other composite slate and shake roofing systems. Our lightweight composite roofing systems offer fast installation times and the finished result most often looks better than real slate and wears better than wood shake. We offer a full selection of easy to install roofing components and materials to efficiently protect and beautify your property.   




Inspire composite slate and shake roofing systems delivers performace, protection and looks that cannot be beat! Our lightweight composite slate roofing is formed from authentic slate molds so it looks exactly the same as real slate, and is much easier to install. Controlled coloring through out makes Inspire slate roofing more uniform than natural slate, and our composite slate roofing is substantially (10 x) more cost effective to buy and install when compared to real slate.

Unlike natural wood shake Inspire Shake does not pose a fire threat or get infected with insects, and will never split, crack or easily blow off. Our roofing shakes are cambered to improve uplift ratings and combat curling, and solid color to ensure even color wearing. Inspire roofing materials have a 120 MPH wind warranty and limited lifetime 50 year guarantee. 

Inspire composite shake and slate roofing delivers performance, looks and value. Please contact us today to learn more or to find a distributor or installer near you.